Monday, December 22, 2008

Tom n Jerry Chicken (Tangdi Kabab)

This kabab is usually made with chicken drumsticks(legs) and is a favourite among the kids. This recipe is from Sanjeev Kapoor's cookbook. Last time when I had been to Mangalore on vacation my sis and nephew Adi were also there to stay with us. Adi is 4-1/2 yrs just 5 months younger to Sakshi. He was down with viral fever and had totally lost his appetite. One night, for supper he asked his Mamama(grandma- my mom) to prepare Tom n Jerry Chicken for him. She was in confusion as to what is he talking about, later only we realised that he is a big fan of Tom and jerry cartoon and had seen Tom eating this chicken drumsticks. Hence the name Tom and Jerry Chicken!!!! Since then its Sakshi's favourite too.

Chicken drumsticks - 8
lemon juice - 1 tbsp
ginger - 1"
garlic - 6 cloves
green chillies - 5
skimmed milk yogurt - 1 cup
gram flour - 2tbsp
haldi - 1 tsp
garam masala powder - 1 tsp
red chilli powder - 1 tsp
salt to taste
chaat masala powder - 1 tsp
lemon wedges for garnishing
Butter for basting

Clean and trim the excess fat and skin from drumsticks.
Dry them with a clean and absorbent kitchen towel. Make 3 to 4 long and deep incisions. Apply lemon juice and keep aside.
Hang yogurt in a muslin cloth for 15-20 minutes to drain off the excess water.
Dry Roast gram flour on low heat, stirring continously. Set aside to cool.
Grind ginger and garlic to a smooth paste.
Wash and mince green chillies coarsely
In a wide bowl, mix roasted and cooled gram flour, hung yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, haldi, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, salt and green chillies.

Marinate the chicken in the above marinade and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.( I usually marinate overnight).

Final cooking

Place the marinated chicken on a greased oven safe dish and roast in a preheated oven at 220 degree C for 5 minutes. Reduce oven to 180 degree C, baste the chicken with a tbsp of butter and further cook for 15-20 minutes. Turn drumsticks couple of times to ensure even cooking and colour.

Place the chicken drumsticks on a microwave safe plate with thicker side facing outwards.
Cover with a cling film and cook on HIGH for 5 minutes. turn over once.
Again cover and cook on HIGH for 3 minutes.
Finally uncover and cook on HIGH for 2 minutes. Leave it in the oven for 5 minutes, before taking it out.

Heat around 2 tbsp of oil in a pan and arrange chicken drumsticks neatly so that they are not conjusted while turning over. Cover and shallow fry for 5 minutes. Turn over, uncover and cook for another 5 minutes or till the chicken is well roasted on all sides.

Serve hot sprinkled with chaat masala powder and lemon wedges. (sakshi wanted it with tomato ketchup!!!)

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