Monday, January 12, 2009

Thingalavare kolombo ( bean Sambar)

Thingalavare in english is French bean is what I assumed. But i am not sure!! Anybody there to help me out ??
This bean is widely used to make many dishes in Konkani cuisine. My amma mainly prepares thingalavare gashi, saar upkari, saung and sambar. We as kids used to relish this with rice as well as dosas instead of chutneys. This bean powder is said to have many medicinal properties.

Thingalavare/french beans - 1/2 cup
potatoes - 1 small
sambar powder - 2 tsp
onion - 1 small
tomatoes - 1 medium
coriander leaves- handfull
salt to taste


Soak thingalavare in water overnight. Next day morning drain the soaked water and add 3 cups of fresh water.
Wash and peel potatoes into small cubes.
Pressure cook the bean along with potatoes till done
Wash and chop tomatoes. Peel onions and chop them roughly.
Take the cooked beans and potatoes in a vessel and get them to a boil. Add salt, onions and tomatoes and cook further for 5 minutes or till the tomatoes are cooked.
Now add sambar powder and mix well. Add chopped coriander leaves and boil further till consistent gravy is obtained. Bean sambar is ready to be served along with rice and any side dish of your choice.

Rajma Sambar is also made similarly but using kidney beans (Rajma).

This dish is on its way to the event "My Legume Love Affair, Seventh helping" hosted by
Cooking 4 all Seasons and to The well Seasoned Cook by Susan.


SriLekha said...

looks yum and delicious!
hope it is butter beans!

Trupti said...

beans sambar looks very delicious & Healthy Poonam


I make always curry with this,this one is ne wto me! Thanx for sharing!

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Srivalli said...

Thanks for the lovely entry..looks great!

Uj said...

yummy blog.. makka tingalavro mast miss jattha.. dont get them here at all :(

Anonymous said...

Thingalavro is navy beans.

Bragi said...

no need of tamarind?